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A Few Types of Digital Cameras

by Linda D. Yelverton


A Few Types of Digital Cameras

We all have to use our camera to make a little history, to remember the good and the bad times. It’s the device that makes those memories possible. A photograph does not just capture the moment, it can also be used to document a certain event or person’s life for future study. All it takes is a little skill and a little knowledge of how to take great photographs.

Simple Cameras: Let’s start with the simplest of cameras. They are the cheapest and most widely available. They can be easily purchased at any discount store, drug store, or even on sale at your local dollar store. And they come in a variety of different styles and sizes. Choose one that is convenient for you.

The basic type of this camera is the basic point and shoot type. This is a small, sturdy, and cheap camera. It can be inserted into a pocket or a purse. It is not very portable or durable, but it will do the job. The flash setting can be set to either on or off.

If you prefer to be a little more professional, choose a larger, more professional, and more expensive camera. You might even consider a DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. They are known as being more “professional” than a simple point and shoot camera.

Digital Photography: Nowadays, the camera has gone digital. With the advances in technology, digital cameras allow you to take higher quality photographs. But you will still need to learn about them first. Many people are beginning to become aware of digital photography and want to try it out for themselves.

Digital cameras come in many different styles. Do you want to have a basic black and white camera, a digital color camera, or a digital multi-colorcamera? There are many advantages and disadvantages to each style. Some of them are discussed below.

Black and White Photography: This style of camera allows you to take photos without lighting and without an actual black and white film. You can still take excellent pictures, though. The limitation here is that you will not be able to take color photos. But if you like black and white photography, then this is your style.

Digital Color Photography: This style of camera allows you to take pictures that look exactly like the real thing. The main limitation here is that you will not be able to take black and white photos, even if you take one. While it will give you an exact replica of the real thing, it will not be nearly as realistic. Color photos tend to be less dramatic than black and white photos.

Medium Format Camera: This is another style of camera that allows you to take pictures that look exactly like the real thing. It has some pros and cons. However, it is becoming more popular these days because it allows you to take really large format photos.

Point and Shoot Style: These cameras have two parts: a lens and a camera body. The lens captures light and converts it into digital image data that you can view in your computer. The camera body then takes the digital images and displays them on a monitor. Some of these cameras have automatic mode to adjust the camera settings based on lighting conditions. Other cameras have a manual mode where you can adjust the shutter speed, ISO, and so on.

Multi-Functional Camera: This style of camera has three parts: a camera body, a lens, and a digital display. All three parts are usually interchangeable. Each part can be made to adjust to any particular lighting condition. Some cameras have a more sophisticated display system than others. Others use video to display the images from the camera.

Great news! The camera is only getting smaller and more powerful, and with these styles of cameras available today, you should be able to get the perfect camera for your unique needs.

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