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Advances in Computers and Software

by Linda D. Yelverton

We can say that we’ve evolved and we’re no longer the baby that needs diapers. We have to act responsibly in the field of computers and software. As it has been proved by the research, the field of computers is becoming a little bit advanced and people don’t seem to know it. The life of the computer world is just a little ahead of our technology.


I am sure that we’ve experienced the endless hours of free online games and the internet is also improving its capacity in answering emails and playing games. When we compare with the past, there are many important facts that we can consider about the progress of computers. The main factors that determine the advancement of computers and how we should deal with it is the growth of Internet. There was an introduction of the business world of electronic gadgets when the first cell phones came out.

If you think about it, the small boxes of wires and motors are needed to make a laptop. Many people still remember the first laptops but now they have become mini computers with lots of compartments, processors and RAM. All that’s needed to start up a laptop is to plug in the power adapter. The cell phone and laptops can be connected in the same way.

Computers have been accepted as a new way of life. We no longer have to buy the things we need. We can surf the net for free and access any site. Today, the world has been enlightened by the computers.

The laptop computers are even more advanced than the personal computers. There is a difference when we compare the two. The PC’s are built with a hard drive and it has the capability of booting from the hard drive. If you connect the hard drive in the laptop, it will function.

These computers have brought the whole world of computers and software to the 21st century. Computers and the software are no longer expensive. You can now download movies or music to your computer.

The laptops and PCs are different with regard to their features with the next generation. These computers are advanced and are capable of running the online games. This makes the user feel like a real gamer. The whole world has been hit by the advancements of computers. We can now listen to music and watch movies online.

Another great aspect of the computers is that we can now do virtual worlds. Our children can chat with us online and play the same game. This gives the feeling of being in the real world. The world has been changed because of the online games.

There are many different aspects that can be used to calculate the advancements of computers. One can use the exponential function to get a value for computing the progress of computers. The exponential function is actually considered the best curve. For the increase of computers in the last 50 years, the exponential function will be the best fit.

Computers and software can provide us with an environment where we can work or study with ease. Because of the advancement of computers, we can still do our work without having to run out to the bookstore. The computer will serve as a guide when we are learning something.

Computers and software will make our lives easier. With the advancements of computers, there are many devices that we can use. There are many aspects of computers that can improve our health. By performing some actions that were once difficult with the help of computers, the advancement of computers has proven to have a lot of benefits.

Advances in computers have helped people in many ways. Computers have become an essential part of our life and so we must keep this fact in mind.

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