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Automation – The Impact of Computers

by Linda D. Yelverton

Computers have a very big impact on our lives. Not only do we use them for reading, writing and browsing but more importantly, computers are used for handling complicated processes and tasks.


In countless years, humans have discovered ways to make machines do things. This is why computers can perform intricate and complex functions that were once impossible for machines to complete. But in the past decade, computers have become more complicated and have even surpassed human intelligence.

Because of human nature, computers have begun to be smarter than humans can handle. As humans get smarter, so do computers.

From computers making the decisions for Fortune 500 companies to businesses outsourcing data and information technology services, computers are changing the world. And it’s not just about making money. Computerization is also changing the way people and businesses work together. Today, computers and the information technology used to support computers is also used to control mobile devices, vehicles.

The use of computers has allowed many advancements to be made and today’s interaction between people and businesses are much more interactive. Businesses find themselves spending more time communicating with each other because of the advancements in technology.

One area where computers and other technological advances are impacting people is their job. Because of computers, workers have more freedom to work from home and because of computerized technology, workers are able to have more job flexibility. This is really a great thing for businesses because they are now able to hire more people and create more revenue.

Another main reason that businesses are using computers is because they are used for administrative tasks. If you think about it, most of us use our computer at least a few times a day. You use your computer to check emails, browse the web, surf social networking sites and tosend messages to friends. And when we use these computer activities, the data that we put into our computers becomes redundant.

However, when it comes to documents, data and documents stored in a computer, they become very valuable. So when you send emails to friends, it’s more useful if they go to your computer.

Data stored in a computer is also valuable to businesses because without it, they would not be able to operate. They would not be able to process or store that data properly because it would become lost and outdated.

We can see the purpose of computers, which is to do different purposes. However, computers can also be very difficult to understand and are quite complicated. Therefore, software designed to simplify the use of computers is becoming a vital tool for any business.

Software is also being developed that allows people to work with computer programs on the internet. With this software, computers can be easier to use and can also save businesses time.

Companies that require lots of employees or virtual assistants will find that they will need to adopt this type of software. They will be able to save their money, time and administrative issues.

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