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Building a Data Analytics Plan

by Linda D. Yelverton

A single data analytics process can serve a number of purposes. To do the job effectively, it is necessary to have a comprehensive planning. Since there are many resources available for a company to use to execute such process, a clear and proper structure should be built in the strategy should be executed correctly.

Data Analytics

The first step of the plan should involve the use of data collected by the company. Since the process is quite significant, data sources should be gathered so that the appropriate analysis is done.

Some experts believe that the use of business intelligence tools can lead to successful processes. They believe that data analytics can help companies improve their business performance. A detailed process analysis should be designed by the manager to determine what information can be used for analysis. The report should contain all the key performance indicators (KPIs) to be measured.

The use of KPIs can help management to understand the rate of improvement in each area. The better the performance, the higher the income of the company. This can be used to gain an advantage over the competitors.

The analysis of KPIs will be carried out using adequate support from the market analysts. There should be a well-established relationship between the input data and the output results to enable more effective decision making.

When making a decision on important issues, it is important to collect the inputs carefully. The outcome of the analysis should be understandable so that it is easy to implement the decision. If this is not done properly, it may result in failure or might even be damaging to the company. In case of a major decision, every aspect must be taken into consideration.

Analysts should be organized and should maintain a clear chain of command. This helps in improving the performance of the organization. The independence of the analysts is also an important thing to note. This makes it easier for the managers to guide the analysts to reach the best decision in the case of critical decisions.

Good coordination and communication are important to the process of data analytics. Companies should invest in this aspect so that they can make decisions in an efficient manner.

All team members must be fully engaged in the process of the project. A thorough plan of action should be in place for collecting the data from the users. This will help the company to gain an advantage over the competition.

The goal of the project should be the collection of the data from the users in an effective manner. Once collected, the analysis should be analyzed and the key performance indicators calculated. The output should be presented as a report to the management of the company.

Successful projects will not happen overnight. It takes a little time to form a proper plan. The information collection process and the final report must be documented to help to avoid any mishaps that can lead to failure.

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