computer monitor

How To Change Monitor To 144hz

Have you noticed flickering on the screen while using your PC? Do you experience eye pain and headache while looking at the monitor? Changing the refresh rate may be helpful. Setting...
CPU is bottlenecking GPU

How to tell if CPU is bottlenecking GPU

Even if you have the best GPU installed, if your CPU is not upgraded, you might be missing out on lots of things. Have you ever wondered whether your CPU is...
How to cool down GPU

How to cool down GPU?

The Graphics Processing Unit is one of the most important parts of a Computer. It helps us view the best images, videos and even animations. It is our primary responsibility to monitor...
increase FPS on PC

How to increase FPS on PC

Before I start explaining how to increase FPS on your PC, let me first shed some light on what FPS is. Especially if you are anything like I was just a...
CPU Processor

How To Choose A Processor

If you plan to assemble components to install in your new computer, then the first thing that you would need is a processor. This is the leading thing and in case...

How To Clean A Motherboard?

The motherboard is a vital part of the computer. In fact, your computer cannot work without a motherboard. This is true for a laptop or a desktop. The performance of your laptop...
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How to change the DPI on a Mouse?

Have you ever thought about what can be the best output that one can receive from the mouse? Have you tried attempting it? Most...
CPU Processor

How To Choose A Processor