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by Linda D. Yelverton

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Computers in our home are not as important as they used to be. We’ve lived with them so long that it is actually nice for us to just play games on the computer instead of watching television, reading magazines, or even reading books. When our child is learning to use a computer, it can be frustrating when they make mistakes and cannot figure out how to fix them.

When you are a parent of small children, you need to remember that your children need attention when they do something new. It is okay for you to get a little distracted from the television, books, or other distractions while your child is learning how to use a computer. While you should be teaching your child all of the keyboard keys, it is also important that you give them some time to work on their own learning.

The first time your child uses a computer at home, they might not understand why you are trying to get them to do it right away. When you get frustrated and have a meltdown, make sure that you do not shout at them or punish them. You want your child to learn that computers are good, but they need to take it slow and go about learning it in a way that is best for them. You also want them to learn that it is okay to pause the program if they get stuck on something.

Start with a demo of how a computer works before you begin teaching your child how to use a computer. When you first get the computer, you might want to let them open it up and then show them how to set it up so that they can find their friends on the Internet. Most of the time, you can make a printout of this process and teach your child how to use it as well. This can help them get more familiar with the keyboard and mouse.

Teach them to put the mouse on the screen. You can teach them how to click the mouse by showing them a picture of a mouse or even a real mouse with a red circle on it. Also, you might want to teach them how to put the mouse on the computer screen with the pointer. Explain that they do not use their hand to press the button, but rather the mouse moves over the button.

Get them used to the key combination on the mouse that allows you to put the button down in different areas of the screen. Make sure that you teach them how to do this so that they will know where the button is located. If you need to use the arrow keys on the keyboard, help your child learn how to use the arrows and where they are located on the keyboard. Another key that you can teach your child is the Backspace key. Show them how to use this key when they get to a section that they are having trouble with.

Help your child know how to navigate through a computer. When they are using the mouse, let them know what you would like them to do in the screen. Let them know how to click their way through the options that you want them to click on. Do not force them to click in a specific place. Instead, let them follow your directions until they are completely familiar with what is going on in the computer.

Ask your child to bring the mouse closer to you as he or she clicks on the screen. Make sure that you keep your hand close to your body as well. You want to keep your fingers away from your body and you also want to keep your hand in a comfortable position.

Take your child to a place that teaches computers as well. Go see your local public library and they will have computers available for you to use. This is a great place to teach your child how to navigate around a computer and make sure that they know how to use the mouse properly.

Tell your child that they should not touch the screen of the computer. When you tell them to avoid touching the screen, they will want to try to move their fingers as close to the screen as possible. Instead, take them outside to use the computer so that they can play with it.

Let your child try some games for a while before you allow them to use the computer. Play computer games with them and let them use the mouse and keyboard without you watching or doing anything to help them out.

As your child learns how to use computers, do not become frustrated. You do not want your child to learn to use the computer while they are playing games on it.

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