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Computer Safety Tips

by Linda D. Yelverton

Computers have become a part of every household today. This is especially true in the work place where computers have become an indispensable part of an employee’s work environment. There are now many people that find that computers have a significant effect on their lives, even their productivity at work. Even though technology has provided us with many benefits, it can also provide us with great safety risks as well.


One of the best ways to use computers in the work place is to learn how to use your computer properly. You need to learn how to use your computer for its intended purpose. If you use a computer for your work, you should learn how to use it so that you don’t harm yourself or other people by doing something wrong. This is not only important for professional work, but also for personal use.

While there are many benefits of computers, there are also some common safety dangers as well. Here are some tips on using computers safely in the workplace.

Be wary of the impact of machines on your hands. A lot of new computers are very heavy. If a machine hits you fall down, you could lose parts of your fingers. The arms or hands are an easy target to injury. Therefore, make sure that your hand protectors are in proper working condition.

Make sure that your keyboards and monitors are in proper working condition. Keyboards should be kept clean and dried and your monitors should be installed with protection. Cleaning your keyboard or mouse screen is also a very important precaution.

Check your desk. Do not allow your computer to be on your desk if you are not going to be working on it. Some people that are using their computers at home might want to check up on the process of their own house at certain times, in order to prevent someone from becoming a victim of their burglary.

Make sure that you have the power supply for your computer in working condition. Even if you are using a PC to do your homework or anything else, make sure that you still have enough power for it. You don’t want your PC to go out of order because you didn’t have an additional power supply.

Have the Internet in working condition. It is very important that your internet connection stays up to date, especially if you are going to be using your computer at work. You never know when a computer will be exposed to a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, or a natural disaster that causes the Internet to be unavailable.

Make sure that your computer is safe. Some models have a chip that allows them to be locked in a closed state, as well as automatically turn off itself when not in use. These security chips are no longer produced by most computer manufacturers. Therefore, be careful when using these models.

It is a good idea to keep your machines in a cool and dry place, where they are not in direct sunlight or being used. If you are using your computer at work, keep it in a shielded area that will prevent you from being in direct sunlight. Make sure that you have enough electricity to power all of your equipment and computer, so that it doesn’t fail while you are at work.

It is also a good idea to protect your machines by locking them up when not in use. Many offices have a policy against bringing laptops into the office. If you do have one, make sure that you lock it up in a way that will prevent anyone from using it while you are in the office. Remember that your office may be connected to the Internet, so make sure that you are careful with your laptop, especially if you are working from home.

Computers are a part of every modern day home and office. Make sure that you are aware of what you can and cannot do with them.

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