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Computers 101

by Linda D. Yelverton


Computers 101

We hear about computers and what they do, but we seldom hear how they are made. They may seem to be finished products; however, there is a major work involved in making one. We learn what we need to know about computers from the manufacturers of them.

Computer designers create designs, which, as the name implies, include machines that will run on your computer. They do this by measuring the size and shape of your machine, as well as making sure it has all the right components, including processors, memory, hard drives, video cards, monitors, and other components.

Computer manufacturers to build computers, or work out a design that matches a particular machine. A computer must have all the parts. It must be able to function correctly with a specific computer model, for example, if you buy a desk with a keyboard and monitor, the manufacturer must build that computer. They would not be able to try to fit a monitor to a chair.

Computer manufacturers make the actual machines, which then go through a series of tests to make sure they work properly. They also make sure they are able to meet all of the specifications set out by a specific computer manufacturer. The computers they make may be used only by a specific user, or they may be bought by anyone with a computer.

The manufacturers are careful about making sure the computers they make are accurate copies of what was originally intended to run on a specific machine. If you were to buy a computer, that worked on a machine originally made by a certain manufacturer, you would likely be unhappy. The manufacturer had probably worked hard to make sure the machine ran as well as it did.

Buying a new computer is a big deal. You cannot just buy any old machine. To get what you want, you will want to find the right machine at the right price. The prices of computers vary from one company to another.

Manufacturers also work out where to put their factories. You should not be surprised if the machines do not have the same smell as the others. They will obviously have different machines for different markets. It is an added benefit for the manufacturers to make sure their machines are similar, so they can sell the machine quickly to the consumer.

Many of the machines run as efficiently as possible. However, some computers are not quite as efficient as others. Some will run more slowly than others.

Some of these machines are going to be used to play games. These are going to be more expensive than a normal computer, because they are used to keep gamers entertained. These may be considered essential items, so they are very expensive.

There are a number of gadgets that can be found inside a machine. Some are not necessary, while others are extremely useful. They come from special accessories and sometimes even from new machines.

The processors that run computers are called P25 and P36 chips. These chips are printed on a circuit board that is placed inside the case of the computer. A specially designed chip is placed in each of the three rows of the motherboard. This helps to control the speed of the computer.

The RAM is part of the P25 and P36 chips, as well as the P-states that control the P-states. The memory can be in any order; however, it is not necessary to keep it in the same order as it is used. If you purchase a machine that has the wrong type of RAM, you may not be able to find a RAM that works properly, and this can result in a slow machine.

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