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Computers – Benefits to Everyone

by Linda D. Yelverton

In recent years, computers have become more important. They are used in many places, whether it’s business or homes. To some of us they are the best, most convenient tools for our everyday work. For other people they just add to the clutter in the house.


But, for all of us, computers have its ups and downs. The overall technology has changed over the years, but what hasn’t? Computers have become more popular in recent years. Consumers use them to surf the internet, to listen to music, and to play games.

As a business person, the use of computers is a must. It has become much easier than ever before to run and manage a business. By using computers, companies can easily gain a competitive edge and cut their costs. All too often, businesses lose out on new customers because they have to wait for items to arrive by mail. Using computers to send an item electronically reduces this wait time.

Another huge benefit of computers is they save space. The size of the home office is shrinking as families get smaller. Computer desks come in all shapes and sizes, providing enough desk space for several employees and a computer. With computers these days, having an available space to use is much easier.

And, when a home office needs a place to work, computers can provide that. Technology is such a major part of our everyday lives, that in many cases we hardly notice the difference. While we don’t know about every piece of technology, we know about the ones that are important to us. Without computers, our world would be very different.

The benefits of computers don’t stop at having computers for homes and offices. While these two places were their first uses, computers also can be used to help in other areas of life. Computers are useful for family members in everyday chores, or for anyone who doesn’t want to put up with daily chores.

Computer assisted sales is one such example. This technique takes all the tedious work of selling a product to the computer. Sales staff can focus on other aspects of a sale, while a computer program analyzes the market and determines which products will sell best. No longer do customers have to pick up products and go home.

There are many different ways that computers are used to maintain and manage a company’s inventory. For the management of thousands of pieces of equipment, computers help to streamline how information is shared between departments. Computer systems can also manage the entire inventory of a company.

Computer software for filling out information forms is another use of computers. This software helps make the filling out of paperwork and questionnaires easier for a large number of people. Processing the information collected from these forms provides reports that help businesses and corporations to manage their finances and expenses. Using computers to process financial forms eliminates a lot of wasted time.

Data analysis and database management are another major benefit of computers. This software allows companies to monitor their marketing, customer relations, and other data. It is also possible to access these databases remotely. Not only does it give companies the ability to look at their data from another location, but it also allows them to see trends or patterns.

However, not all of us are typical computer users. When we need the computer for a specific task, we have to take the time to learn to operate it. Learning how to operate computers can take time, so those who don’t use computers as often should not be put off.

The advantages of computers are numerous. From household chores to business practices, computers can be invaluable in today’s busy world.

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