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Five Key Areas of Branding

by Linda D. Yelverton


Five Key Areas of Branding

For many businesses, one of the most important aspects of their business is how they develop and brand themselves. This type of branding is the way in which a business identifies itself with their customer and encourages them to buy from them. However, branding also involves the way a business promotes itself, the message it sends out to its customers and more importantly the way in which this relates to sales and customer retention.

This does not need to be an overwhelming process, but it can be a good idea to go through the basics of branding before diving into the complexities. Below are some of the main aspects of branding.

Developing the brand: This is the major part of branding, in that it relates to the way a business chooses to brand itself. It might be an idea to go with a catchy phrase that has a little bite to it to help customers remember your brand, or it might be a good idea to go with a logo that makes a strong impression on customers.

Visual branding: The key here is to ensure that the visual aspect of branding is strong. This might mean choosing a colour scheme that helps customers identify with your brand easily, as well as choosing a design element that brings customers into mind easily. The colours should be easy to identify and instantly allow customers to pick up on your brand.

Image: The image you wish to project for your company should also be reflected in your branding. This means that you need to make sure that the image that you create and stand for makes sense and is also clear to customers. Customers will also appreciate a great design that is designed by someone who is capable of creating a great logo, as well as employing great colour schemes.

Attention-grabbing images: For branding experts, attention-grabbing images are often best because they add a visual element to a brand that is extremely important for marketing your business. Branding experts recommend creating brand images that reflect the company’values and mission. These can be hard to come by, but a simple thing like the famous, “If it’s yellow, swan”, can create a logo that is extremely memorable for many people.

Company name: The brand name is usually the first thing people think of when they hear the brand. It can also be the part of a logo that shows a great deal about the company. In addition to the name, you should include important elements of a brand such as colours, designs and the benefits of the brand.

Tagline: A tagline is one of the most crucial components of a brand because it forms the heart of your company, it makes people think of the brand and it acts as the reason why your brand is unique. A good tagline should have a catchy sound and be related to the company’s overall purpose and message.

Contact details: People will turn to brands to find out more about the company and to get in touch with them when they need their business handled. By including the contact details in the form of the phone number, website or email address, you create a connection between your brand and the customer, making it easier for them to connect with you.

Distribution: Marketing companies will need to be contacted when a product or service needs to be distributed. Good branding experts will be able to create a distribution strategy that meets the needs of both the company and the consumers so that the marketing process runs smoothly.

Social media: The role of branding here is to make sure that your brand is seen on all the most popular social media platforms. Any good branding expert will know how to keep a brand fresh and up to date, in order to gain the maximum possible value for their brand.

The best part of any effective brand strategy is the way in which it affects the consumer. By making sure that they are engaged with the brand, and seeing it in action, customers are left feeling that they have benefited from your brand and will purchase it in the future.

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