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How to Choose Your Earbud Tips

by Linda D. Yelverton


How to Choose Your Earbud Tips

Earbuds, also known as headphones or noise cancelling headphones, are the latest in technology. Earbuds allow you to listen to a broadcast, listen to a CD, catch up on the latest games or talk to your friend. Earbuds even have the capability to wirelessly connect to your mobile phone. Once they are properly set up, your ears will not be aware of any external noise. However, earbuds do not cover the entire range of the normal sounds in the air.

Many people do not want to spend much on a pair of earbud tips. This is because in the initial stages of use, your ears may not be adjusted well to the tips. However, with time, your ears will become accustomed to the tips and you will never feel the need to purchase any new tips.

How to choose your tips depends upon how you are using your earbuds. The correct length of the tips is important. The tips should be long enough so that the device is not hanging from your ear. Do not select ones that do not fit properly. To make it easier for you to select the correct length of the tips, have someone watch how your ears are aligned.

How to use tips is actually not that difficult. First of all, you need to take the right angle to your ear. The best way to do this is to gently press your earbud to your ear. Make sure that the earbud sits directly in the socket of your ear. Next, you should adjust the earbud’s head. Your earbud’s head should be almost parallel to the socket, but a little wider on the inside.

Once you are in this position, you should make sure that the tips of the earbud are in line with your ear. In case, the tips are not aligned with your ear, you should stop immediately. Make sure that the tips are free from any obstructions. After you are satisfied with the alignment, turn the earbud back and begin to adjust the length of the tips. Do not let the tips get too tight, because your ears may be damaged.

There are several ways to adjust the length of the tips. Some tips are adjustable via a thumb strap. Some tips are adjustable via a clip that can be attached to the earbud. Some tips are adjustable using the keys on the earbud.

Always make sure that you check how the earbud fits and the tips of the earbud. If you find the earbud to be too long, you should adjust the length and adjust the tips of the earbud as well.

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