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How to Handle Your Camera For a Good Picture

by Linda D. Yelverton

Every photographer has a feeling of calm when they are handling a camera. The right feeling of peace and relax also comes out when the photographer is taking the photographs for their friends and family to enjoy.


To be able to take the photos in a relaxed manner, one needs to have some basic knowledge about the equipment. In this article, we will share some tips on how to handle your camera while you take the photos.

There are different types of cameras which you can choose from. Some are completely digital while others are semi-digital and the ones which are more advanced is fully digital. The modern and up-to-date digital cameras can provide full control over the camera settings such as white balance, exposure and others.

There are cameras which have a fixed body with no shutter button or there are those that move. If you own a digital camera with a fixed camera, it is very convenient because you do not need to move the camera from your side to the other side to set the exposure.

Fixed cameras make you use the lens as a shutter. Although the flexibility of changing the exposure setting by using the camera lens as a shutter is really fun but it has its drawbacks.

Fixed cameras can increase the chance of dust and fingerprints that may get onto the lens. You need to take extra care to clean the lens regularly so that you can avoid scratches and even scratch marks on the lens that may cause distortion.

In addition, if you use an expensive lens, then you need to keep the lens clean so that it can be used for several months before it has a problem. When you are taking photos with different types of lenses, it is very important to make sure that you are always taking the lens clear of dust or fingerprints.

Moving cameras and lenses are different from fixed cameras and lenses. There are moving cameras and they are basically programmed in order to take the photos in different positions to suit different situations.

You can get moving cameras in two forms. You can get it that is attached to the camera using a cable or you can get them where you just need to set the camera position by attaching it to the tripod.

The advantage of a moving camera is that you can take the pictures from different positions, thus making you free from the usual lens. However, you need to have some experience in shooting pictures before you move the camera on your own.

If you own a full-frame digital camera, you have to purchase some basic equipment. If you are taking pictures with a camera that is fixed, you do not need to worry about buying some spare parts since you are assured that it will not break down.

Most of the small and light weight cameras that are available these days come with a number of zoom lenses that are designed to give the best picture quality that one could wish for. It is very easy to take pictures with the new digital cameras because of the variety of features that are available with them today.

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