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How to increase FPS on PC

by Linda D. Yelverton

Before I start explaining how to increase FPS on your PC, let me first shed some light on what FPS is. Especially if you are anything like I was just a few years back. I remember the first time I came across this acronym and scratched my head to find out what it meant. I finally had to ask a friend who was kind enough to help me out.

Do you remember the flip books which we all made when we were children? It was a notepad which had an image on each page. When you flipped the pages rapidly the images seemed to move. This is basically how a video works. The first thing that you should know is that FPS stands for Frames Per Second. This is a unit which measures the display device performance. It is the number of times the image is refreshed each second on the screen. Each frame has a number of horizontal lines which represent the number of scan lines per frame.

Increase Your Frames Per Second (FPS) on PC Games

How to choose the right FPS rate

Nowadays technology has got much better and the visuals are getting better all the time. For a video or a game to feel realistic, it is important for the motion to be smooth. These are a few things that you should look for while choosing the FPS rate.

  • Realistic Style

It is because of the frame rate that a video appears realistic or unrealistic. How we see things naturally is what a real video should mimic. The frame rate you choose should give you as realistic an image as possible. If the rate is too slow then the video will appear blurred or choppy and will be a bad experience. The most common FPS rates are:

  • 24 FPS

This is the standard rate at which we watch movies and TV. It is the minimum speed which is required for realistic motion.

  • 30 FPS

This used to be the standard earlier and is still used for videos with a lot of animation and motion. Sports like football or running etc benefit with this rate.

  • 60 and more FPS

This rate is mainly used for experiments. It is used to create slow motion videos or to record game footage.

  • Motion

Before choosing the frame rate, look carefully at the amount of motion in your videos. You want a higher rate if there is a lot of fast action in the video.

  • Platform

The platform where the video is and the device you are going to use, both will impact the viewing experience. All devices and platforms are not always compatible and don’t support all frame rates.

  • Size of the file

This will also impact the FPS rate. More images both, still and moving, mean more information. This means that the more information you need the higher frame speed you want. The newer devices will obviously give you better results.

How to Increase the FPS rate

increase fps pc games

There are certain tricks and ways to increase the frames-per-second rate on your computer. Try out the points mentioned below. If after doing these things you still find the latest games unplayable then you probably need an upgrade. First, try these out.

  • Decrease the resolution

Lowering the resolution can make your game or video look pixilated but it might be necessary to run it at a good frame rate. Even if you are going to watch a video or movie on a particular platform you will be better off by reducing the resolution. Many games require a good resolution because there are a lot of small details which can be crucial. In this case, you may have to upgrade your device.

  • Update to the latest version of the software

This is quite obvious and most people know about this. Running old drivers can also play havoc with the FPS rate. First, find out which video cards are you using. Then download the latest drivers from the company’s website. Follow the instructions given. Good news is that most of the new graphics cards will remind you to update your drivers if you have the automatic updates on.

  • Change the settings

When you are playing a game there are many things which can affect the FPS rate. If you are not happy with the quality then try lowering some of the settings. It is better to read and understand carefully before you do this otherwise it can impact your gaming experience. This could be a trial and error experiment. You may have to try a few things before you find the correct setting.

  • Over-clocking

Though it is not highly recommended, it can work well. This is slightly risky because if things go wrong then there is a danger of your video card, CPU or your computer can break down. There are ways to over clock the video card, CPU and RAM. However, the FPS rate will increase the most when you over clock your graphics card.

  • Use optimization software

When many programs are running in the background then they end up using a lot of memory and CPU power. This also slows down all the processes in the computer including the FPS rate. Try and use a good software which can help you in optimizing the power. It clears out the processes which are not needed and enhances a video or game performance.


Choosing a frame rate requires some thought and understanding of requirements. The information that I have given here will hopefully help you to find the right Frame Per Second rate. If you are a novice and you are not sure how to go about it then this article would have given you a starting point. After going through the information you will know enough to ask the right questions. Remember, technology is changing at a fast pace and it is neither easy nor feasible to constantly buy newer gadgets or software. Try to work with what you have and see how much you can improve the performance of your computer by tweaking here and there.

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