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How to Pick the Best Guide to Help YouWith Your Laptop

by Linda D. Yelverton

When you are starting out with a laptop or looking for a new one, do not try to do everything yourself. There are too many things that can go wrong when doing something like this. Try to pick an unbiased guide, and you will save yourself a lot of time and money.


Even though I am an IT expert and have done a lot of things by myself, I do not consider myself to be the most proficient of computer users. I was having problems when I first got my laptop and went to the manufacturer’s website. I did not know how to configure the computer. This is the first time I used it, so I was a little confused when I finally got to use it.

Another thing I did not know about was the different types of computers and their features. I was also very ignorant when it came to the OS. The only thing I knew was that it was Windows. The best guide to help me with how to get things set up, as well as to find out how to configure and make use of the laptop as quickly as possible was the iEasyGuide. This was easy to understand and more than a little helpful in the beginning.

The guide was helpful because it also taught me how to use the laptop and even gave me the option to view it on my monitor for real time usage. I can now actually use the laptop without the need for a mouse or a keyboard. This is great because it allows me to start learning how to use the computer quickly and easily.

The second tip to help out is to know the use of the keys on the keyboard. This is very important especially if you plan on using your computer. Try to learn the keyboard and how to use the keys to operate your laptop.

If you have a guide that offers free tutorials, this would be the best choice. Most of these guides come with everything you need to know to get started.

Before you use any type of guide, make sure that it is worth buying. If it does not come with any professional recommendations, then it is probably not worth your money. At times, I have found guides that have been useless, and at other times, they were very useful and a little pricey. Also, make sure that the tutorial and all the information is written in a clear manner.

I tried to look for guides for a different computer than the one I had at the time, and when I saw the video tutorial, I liked it. I was able to download the tutorial right on my computer, which was perfect because I did not have the laptop with me. It would have been much more difficult to look at a manual. This tutorial was written so that anyone can use it.

You can also look for a tutorial in a book or even a YouTube video. Some are available online and can be downloaded for free. Some of them are more expensive, but the free ones are usually not as good as the more expensive ones. I found the videos and book at my local library.

If you cannot find the tutorial on your own, you can always search for another online guide. It may be a little hard to find a good one online, but there are a few helpful websites out there. These sites have links to the more extensive tutorials on the net. If you can find the link to the site, it will also allow you to print the manual if you like.

When you first get your laptop, it is best to consult someone who has already done it before. This way, you know exactly what to do and can avoid all the trouble that can occur from trying to figure things out on your own.

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