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Interactive Computers For Children

by Linda D. Yelverton


Interactive Computers For Children

There are many things that computers can do to help them learn, but most of the time computers are used in a very similar way to computers were originally designed. Computers have the ability to recognize different objects and words and this is where the first learning application of a computer was created. I have been thinking about how to make computer use more interactive as well as offering a child more options, so here is a list of a few things that could be used with a child’s computer.

Children like to pretend play when they play with their computers so it would be nice to have a movie or some other program that could be played while the computer is in play mode. The idea could be for the computer to have special settings for playtime. Computer games could also be included.

Another idea would be to put pictures on the screen to get the child’s friends to go and see what you are doing. This can be done with many programs out there that actually do all sorts of things like that.

Some of the other ideas for interactive computer programs might be to allow a child to make a version of the child’s friend and let him/her manipulate it. This could be done with a virtual assistant, which can even read to children at times. It could also be interesting to find an animal that has a special expression when you point at it.

One other idea could be to let the child play a music based computer game and let the child enjoy their favorite songs while they play the computer. Maybe they could even be able to make their own version and have them come out when they make new friends.

It could be fun to include such software into the computer that would allow the child to connect it to the internet and play with their friends. There might be computer games that use 3D graphics that could be shown off in an animated fashion.

One of the ideas for interactive computer play that is becoming very popular these days is the ability to let the child see other people in his/her computer. This would allow the child to see who is around him/her, what they are doing, what they are saying, and even the computer itself.

This kind of computer technology is now available in many different styles and designs. Some of the newer and more innovative ones are the ones that use sound and see pictures with touchscreens. It is all about learning something new and fun for the child to do.

Using the computer to learn is great. Using it to help teach a child to speak or write is even better. We cannot think of any reason why not to use computers to help children learn or to make it more fun for them.

Computers are also being used in the classroom for better teaching purposes. Many times computers are being used as projectors and interactive displays and are even being used in science labs.

Some other things could be to integrate computer use with arts and crafts activities. There could be things like having the child work with their computer to create pictures or words that could be shown to their teacher. The computer could also be used to help the child to draw pictures or write words.

As you can see, there are a lot of different things that computers can do for children, and sometimes the simplest of them will be the most exciting. You might also consider adding a few of the ideas I have mentioned to your own computer use.

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