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Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

by Linda D. Yelverton

Marketing is something that you have to do even if you don’t have any money. You can’t do a good job of marketing your business without spending money, otherwise it’s not marketing. The only way to do marketing is to spend money on advertising and marketing tools. If you are serious about making a profit, you are going to have to spend money to make money.


Advertising is the key to marketing. It is the sales page on your site that shows up on your competitor’s site, but it’s also the customer experience that lead the customer to buy from you. This doesn’t just mean getting the customer to click on your ad, though this is important. It also means having the customer purchase something from you because they found your ad interesting enough to visit your site and look at the ad. When you can get the customer to buy your product or service, you’re in business.

Building a great website to attract visitors and attract them to buy is essential to marketing your business. Make sure you have a clear call to action for visitors who come to your site.

Keep your visitors satisfied with excellent content and make sure your offers are of high quality. Don’t leave your customers hanging. That’s never going to produce results.

Marketing takes time, but it doesn’t take very much time to run a marketing campaign. Don’t stop advertising until you have a list of satisfied customers. Running marketing campaigns is often the most expensive part of running a business. But if you do it correctly, marketing can generate income faster than selling products and services, since you already have the customers you want.

Ads for new products have to be great. If you’re putting an ad up for a microwave oven that makes subpar food, you might not get much traffic, and you might end up losing money on that one.

You will want to focus on the right people, or at least those who are looking for what you have to offer. Be sure that you put your highest valued offers at the top of your ads, and pay attention to how you price things and where you place them. You want to make sure you are targeting the people who are most likely to buy your product.

Avoid hype. In marketing, hype is bad. It distracts customers, and they turn away from your website or from your offers. High standards in your marketing campaign are more likely to get repeat business.

Use your product or service on blogs, and use your blog to promote your business. Do not use a blog as a cost cutting measure, however. Blogs can make you money. To draw customers, you must advertise, and you can advertise on blogs.

Even if you don’t have a lot of income, you can still target a niche market with your marketing efforts. If you’re selling candles, for example, you can target the children’s market, or the pet market, or whatever niche you are in.

Check out your competition, and make sure that your advertising and marketing efforts are really addressing the needs of your target market. Don’t just assume that the market for a particular product or service is similar to yours. Be sure to research your market well and include information about the market, like what they are shopping for, in your marketing plan.

Having your own product or service can help you gain more customers. You don’t need to rely on outside marketing techniques to grow your business, but you do need to spend some money and put your marketing dollars to work for you.

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