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Online Advertising Analytics

by Linda D. Yelverton

Millions of dollars are spent each year on online advertisement. Some companies spend thousands of dollars on an advertisement, while others only spend a few dollars. Because online advertising is cheaper, more people are aware of the advertisement and in many cases will respond to it or click through to see the product or service.


Through digital methods, advertisement is one of the fastest ways to get the word out. Because the internet is so vast, a wide variety of people are able to see the advertisement. People can share news with friends, subscribe to the newspaper or read a blog that they like.

When people click on an advertisement, they will usually visit the web site. Web sites are often chosen by people based on what they like, the length of the ad or other factors. An ad that has been strategically placed can bring customers to a web site that is well written and interesting.

The more interesting factor is the one that a company can control. The longer the advertisement, the more that customers will be interested in it. For some companies, this is the main purpose for the advertisement, but for others it may only be a way to bring in new customers.

While companies that have computers in their offices work long hours, business owners with little time to advertise may not have much of a choice. Many businesses, especially those who do not produce their own products, rely on online advertising to bring in new customers. Many internet users depend on advertising as well.

A very important aspect of online advertisement is the ability to track the success of the advertisement. If a website that is promoting the product is able to identify the key demographics of the people who click on their ad, then they can reach them and create promotions for those individuals. For example, a website may send out email promotion to the people who joined their membership site to let them know about adiscount on an upcoming special event.

Tracking the success of an advertisement can be easier when a web site is able to identify the name of the people who made purchases and what they were purchasing before clicking on the advertisement. Knowing who is making purchases can help the business owner to improve his sales conversion rates. The business owner may also determine whether or not he needs to send out more marketing messages to get new customers.

Tracking the success of an advertisement will also allow the business owner to determine the best ads to send to potential customers. An advertisement sent to people who are not interested in the product or service will only waste the resources of the web site, including the resources of the customer, and the advertisement will probably not reach the right people. A tracking system can allow the business owner to choose the best advertisement to send to potential customers based on the website’s demographics.

By placing an advertisement to a group of people that may be interested in your product or service, you can discover if the advertisements that you place in the web site will provide the best possible results. One way that advertisers can determine this is by testing a number of advertisement types to see which works the best. An advertisement is typically displayed in several different places. A successful advertisement is typically shown at a more prominent location or a main area on the website.

Tracking the click activity on an advertisement is also an important feature for measuring the success of an advertisement. Click-through rates are one of the best ways to measure a website’s success and determine which advertisement type is performing the best. Click-through rates are used to determine how many customers clicked on the advertisement to purchase the product or service and from where they clicked on the advertisement.

Reliable and effective advertisements can tell a business owner how many customers visited the site or how many customers came to a particular page on the website. In addition, there is often data in the form of backlinks included in an advertisement that tells the webmaster how well the advertisement was seen by customers. These are two more important pieces of information that advertisers may be able to learn through tracking their advertisement’s performance.

Monitoring the online advertisement is important for businesses that are interested in increasing their sales. With the proper tools, tracking can help business owners to learn what is working and what is not working with their advertisements.

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