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Taking Photos With Your Digital Camera

by Linda D. Yelverton

If you’ve never shot with a digital camera before, there are a few basic steps you should follow. Taking photos with your digital camera is a lot like taking photos with a camera that uses film. The difference between the two is the amount of detail that can be captured and the speed of the image processing.


The first thing you should do when setting up your digital camera is turn it on. Even if it’s not plugged in, you should have it powered on before you begin taking pictures. Once you’ve done this, turn off the power source and unplug the camera. You should also check the manual to make sure the battery is completely drained and then remove it from the camera.

Since a digital camera does not use film, you should store the camera in a cool place to avoid damage to the electronics. You should also use a properly protective case for your camera. A clear plastic case is best. You can either find a plastic case or some type of shell that will protect the sensitive electronics inside.

Before you start taking photos, check the settings on the camera to see if you have photo quality that you want. Many cameras allow you to change the settings that determine photo quality. This is called exposure compensation. There are several things that control the exposure.

Flash level and shutter speed control the amount of light you’re able to capture. Digital cameras have the ability to control aperture. How much light is allowed to pass through the camera is controlled by this setting.

All these settings can be changed with the camera’s internal settings, but you should also know that the camera can’t really do much about how well the flash works with your camera. You’ll need to do this yourself. If you want to shoot with the flash on, you can adjust the aperture so that the flash will work better with your camera.

As you shoot, you should check the white balance on the camera. You may find that the white balance is wrong and need to adjust it. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, you can set the white balance manually.

Check the viewfinder to make sure you’re getting good lighting. There should be lots of light in the viewfinder to help get good photos. If you have a darker background, it’ll be harder to get a good shot. If you have a brighter background, it will be easier to capture that great photo.

When you’re ready to take your photos, make sure that you adjust the focus on the camera. You should also focus the camera while you’re looking through the viewfinder. This way you’ll be able to focus on the person in the photo you want to take.

Now that you have the best lighting possible, you should focus on the subject you want to photograph. Once you’re ready to start taking the photos, you should make sure that you have the camera in a position where you’re able to snap the photo as soon as you turn the lens. If you don’t have this perfect position, you’ll be taking more than one photo.

Your photos won’t be perfect. This is why you should put a cloth or something else to help reduce the glare that can get in the way of the photo. If you have more than one person in the photo, you should consider using a tripod so that your photo isn’t affected by wind or movement.

The basics of photography with your digital camera are fairly simple. You can take great photos with a digital camera and improve your shots with practice.

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