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The Problems With Obama’s Cyber Security Efforts

by Linda D. Yelverton

Many of the cyber security issues that plague the United States are the same issues that plague other countries around the world. The focus on these issues is, unfortunately, not happening in Washington DC. Unfortunately, the governments of other countries have the same agenda as the Obama Administration.

Cyber Security

Additionally, there is a lack of focus by the major intelligence community on cyber security issues. While the Internet may be one of the greatest technologies ever created, it is also one of the greatest threats to our national security.

Cyber security is something that affects everyone and is an issue that we need to be concerned with in this country. It is unfortunate that most people who suffer from identity theft do not know how to protect themselves against cyber crime. To date, the Obama Administration has failed to act on their own cyber security initiatives.

Many young people are moving out of the country due to the increasing threat of cyber crimes. While some may disagree with this, many of these hackers and cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated as they attempt to steal information and get away with it.

There is an increase in young people who leave the country for jobs overseas. The economic issues overseas have been widely publicized, yet the problem of employment issues is not receiving the attention it deserves. If this continued trend continues, it is going to increase cyber security issues in this country.

In spite of all of the concern about cyber security issues in the United States, the government seems to be too distracted by the election cycle. The focus seems to be on economic issues and who will be the next president. If you focus your time and effort on these issues, you will actually be defeating the very things you are trying to accomplish as a government.

American companies have done great in this economy and we are all benefiting from the strong economy. At the same time, the growth of the internet has had a tremendous influence on our economy and online security is a problem that is not going away. The Obama Administration does not seem to have the same urgency as the private sector when it comes to addressing these issues.

Some of the cyber security solutions may be seen by those in the private sector, but not in Washington D.C. While some of these programs may be effective, the focus seems to be on ideas rather than concrete action.

Many of the best cyber security problems do not even involve computers. In other words, our problem in the US is a lack of focus. While we may not be able to stop all of the attacks that occur, we can make it harder for them to occur in the first place.

The true benefit of cyber security solutions is not just in protecting our economy, but in protecting our personal information and keeping our online data safe. Simply put, we need to be focused on these issues.

While many of the best practices are implemented in the United States, they are not being implemented in some of the most technologically advanced and wealthy countries in the world. In other words, we should be concerned with online security in countries that are economically successful and that already have the advanced technologies that the rest of the world has.

In conclusion, we are not moving at the pace that we need to on cyber security issues. We have the problem, but it is only a problem because we are not focusing our attention on these issues.

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