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Tips to Master Your Digital SLR Camera

by Linda D. Yelverton

Every photographer wants to be known as the “go-to guy” when it comes to getting the perfect photograph. They know the camera and what settings to use. Some even spend hours in the darkroom trying to develop their pictures in order to get the perfect exposure.


But in today’s world, most photographers would agree that they should know more about photo gear. There are many options that they can choose from such as learning how to use filters, how to shoot a sunset or a sunrise, how to get the right light etc. In order to become the best in your field, you need to know more about how the camera works.

Start by learning the shutter button. You will need this when you learn how to use the auto mode. The shutter button is a small button with a square plastic knob that is located on the top right corner of the camera.

This button controls the shutter, so you should learn to operate it properly. The best way to do this is to practice in front of a mirror. Start with the mode you are going to use most frequently like zooming, apertures etc.

When you are ready, press the shutter button. This should open the lens’ viewfinder and you should also see the red button labelled ‘Shutter’.

It is now time to select the mode. Some modes are fixed (unless you manually change it), others are variable. For instance, the aperture is a variable setting in the aperture mode. When you set the aperture, the lens is opened to the correct value.

If you have a manual mode on your camera, you can also use it to take pictures. To do this, you should turn the camera to manual mode and place the exposure compensation dialat zero. In the photo menu, you should set the mode that you want to use in manual mode.

Once you have selected the mode, press the shutter button again. A green light should flash once and the camera should automatically set the aperture. There should also be an indication that shows the pictures are being taken in manual mode.

You should set the film speed by pressing the shutter button again in the manual mode. The camera should take a picture every second in this mode. If there is no indication that your picture is being taken, there is a possibility that the camera is not in manual mode.

Now you can go back to the one-second exposure option. In the exposure compensation dial, you should set the amount of exposure compensation. If you need to get extra light in certain areas, set the exposure compensation to the maximum.

Now you can adjust the exposure compensation dial to the minimum level. The camera should use this full aperture for all pictures in this exposure compensation mode. The white balance should be set to automatic.

Finally, you should press the aperture button to select the best picture. If you want to control the exposure, just set the shutter speed. You will learn how to use the aperture button when you take your first picture.

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