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Types of Firewall Software

by Linda D. Yelverton

A firewall is a computer security tool that is designed to block access to sensitive resources or programs that are not authorized. Security experts state that without a firewall in place, a computer can be completely exposed to unsecured Internet. However, this is not the case in today’s computer era.


There are two types of firewall software available on the market today. These are the built-in or the external. Both types work to protect a computer. There are two types of firewalls that can be installed on your computer: an internal firewall and an external one.

The built-in type of firewall software is the one that runs in the operating system while the external firewall software is one that is installed with a firewall installed on your computer. Both types provide similar functions, but there are differences between them.

Every time you turn on your computer, the firewall checks to see if it is on a system service. If it is, it continues to function as normal, but if it is not, it shuts down. However, if you disable the firewall, it continues to operate as normal and will have some effect on the operating system.

In most cases, the firewall in the operating system will detect every attempt to access resources. This is not so with the external firewall, which does not detect attempts and will continue to function as normal.

When you log in, the firewall will ensure that it is active, as opposed to the user account that is trying to access the Internet. It will also verify any requests to your operating system.

A help screen on the firewall will alert you if something is wrong. This is a “red” indication that you need to address the problem immediately. If this happens, you can correct the problem.

The internal firewall works on a lower level than the external one. This means that it is more secure and more difficult to identify the system. Although the internal firewall is more secure, the user has no control over the settings.

Firewalls use different types of settings to determine what should be blocked or allowed on a computer. They are divided into two categories; authorized and unauthorized. For the unauthorized category, these are things such as the Internet itself and information that are stored in your operating system.

For the authorized category, this includes non-technical users who are trying to access the information you don’t want to access. The authorization is managed by the firewall, however.

Because firewalls are used for both keeping out and keeping in, they can be used to maintain and ensure that your computer is safe from intruders and hackers. They are a good addition to your computer security.

To purchase firewalls, visit the official Web site of the companies that offer this software. Be sure to check out their terms and conditions so you know what you’re getting into.

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