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Using a Firewall to Protect the Network

by Linda D. Yelverton

In computer network security, there is a firewall. Its main purpose is to restrict access from outside. It ensures that only authorized users can communicate with computers in the network.


The firewalls are designed in such a way that it does not allow connections between ports if they are allowed. If you are connected to a PC in the network, you will get an error message. A firewall does not allow connection of ports to users and systems in the network.

When you connect to a computer with the help of a network, you might get an error message. This happens because the firewall will not allow any connection to the computer. If you use the internet, you will get this message every time you try to connect to the network. You will have to check whether it is a genuine error message or not.

Check the firewall settings in the computer that is connected to the network and also set up different user accounts for different use. Check the firewall settings of the computer so that it blocks or allows communication.

If the settings of the firewall are blocked by the router is active, there will be a problem in the internet connectivity of the computer. In this case, you need to configure the firewalls of the computer so that the internet will be functional.

There are many problems that are related to the connection of different ports of the PC to different users in the network. These problems occur due to the firewalls. There are different types of firewalls used in different networks.

Each firewall has a different type of configuration to help to protect the computer network. Each firewall has its own language and there are different layers of firewalls. Each layer of firewalls requires a different level of training to learn how to use the firewall.

When you configure a firewall, it helps to provide complete security for the network. For getting complete security in the network, you should make a systematic study of the different firewalls available and install it in the computer in a planned manner.

Firewalls are also known as programmable filters. They are used to control traffic on the network.

There are different layers of firewalls available in the market and each layer is useful for different purposes. The IPL firewall can be used for controlling the firewalls.

There is also a firewall agent which is installed in the machine and can be controlled using the command line interface. Firewall agent can be controlled using commands such as “configure”stop”. There are many programs available in the market which can be used to install and manage firewalls.

Firewalls are used to block, inspect, and limit certain protocols. An example of these protocols is ICMP, TCP, UDP, RARP, etc.

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