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What Are the Different Types of Firewalls?

by Linda D. Yelverton

There are a few simple things that any wireless home security system can do to prevent it from being compromised by wireless intruders. The most important of these is a strong, and easy to recognize, firewall. Most systems have a basic firewall built in. If this is present, it needs to be upgraded to prevent any kind of intrusion.


A firewall makes a lot of sense for any wireless security system. It is used to protect the network, or more likely the internet, from getting infected by viruses or bugs. It does not matter if you want to protect your home from intruders or just from someone in the neighborhood or friends who might come over, having a good firewall is a very good idea.

There are a number of different types of firewalls that are available. Some of the most popular types are wired firewalls, wireless firewalls, and advanced firewalls.

A wired firewall is what it sounds like. A firewall is a piece of hardware that is built into your computer or router and installed into the way the router gets into your home. This gives you total control over everything on your network and keeps out the bad guys. If you don’t have a wired connection to your router, you can use a wireless one to build a firewall for your home.

Wireless firewalls are the best type of firewall for many reasons. They are easier to set up and install. They don’t require any equipment beyond a wireless card, which is free with most routers. In fact, you can use a router that already has a wireless card in it to install a wireless firewall.

Advanced wireless firewalls are another option. They are generally more secure than a wired firewall and only require software that controls the whole thing. A lot of firewalls these days also have smart cards that provide remote access to the firewall, so you don’t even have to enter the password to run the firewall remotely.

Wireless firewalls also offer one of the most reliable methods of managing all of your systems. You can set up a schedule when to shut down your wireless connections.

Many companies that sell a wireless home security system also offer personal firewall software. This can help you set up a simple firewall from your own computer at home. This is usually faster and easier than using a router or another type of firewall.

Network firewall is the last type of firewall that I will talk about. This type is designed to protect the entire network against intrusion.

If you have an entire network, you have to consider your Internet connection. You need to know what protocols that are in use, and if they are not working properly, you need to fix them.

Most networks are setup by routing their traffic through some type of server. If you have only one device in the network, a router will work, but if you have a huge network of devices, you will want a firewall. A firewall will ensure that all devices will have a secure connection to the Internet.

Firewalls are there to keep people from tampering with your network. If you fail to do this, you might find yourself having to replace your entire network.

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