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What Computers Do?

by Linda D. Yelverton

Computers are one of the most exciting inventions of our age. If you want to see the future, you should learn the real story behind the computers. Many people consider them as simple gadgets that can perform some simple functions and render its utility to the user.


The origin of the computers actually goes back to the 1940s. In those days, it was a rare phenomenon for a person to have access to the computer. However, many industries including those of technology and finance had begun using computers for various purposes. Many of these computers are very old at this point in time.

At present modern day computers can perform a wide variety of tasks including creating data, understanding mathematical or scientific concepts, managing vast databases, video, audio, images and data security. However, at the same time, they have so many more functions. Computers now are very powerful and also helpful in delivering various presentations, providing entertainment or conducting training.

For many years, computers were made from glass or wood-based technologies which were prone to breakage due to the nature of these materials which are not durable. But the invention of a new type of technology called optical fibers changed everything.

Optical fibers are used for creating fiber-optic cables which have so many advantages over the previous type of cables. A single fiber can transmit and receive digital signals, which are carried through glass or plastic to transmit and receive data.

In the past, digital signals could only be carried by the use of a radio which used a large number of wires. But with the invention of fiber-optic cables, it has become possible to carry digital signals much faster than ever before.

Earlier, computers used to use analog signals and then they were switched to digital signals to handle large-scale development. As computers grew in popularity, it was necessary to use the digital version which were comparatively cheaper. But there was a great demand for the analog version which had higher speed and it was the best technology at that time.

In order to overcome the problem of slow speed, fiber-optic cables were used. Thus, the optical version of computers became widely available for all kinds of applications.

Today, computers have their own creation that do not require much maintenance. However, they are still quite costly. With the advent of computers, people have also grown to be more tech savvy, which increased the demand for the computers as well.

People today depend on computers for almost all of their information processing. Even though the size of these computers is smaller than those which were used by computers in the past, people can do more functions on them. As they are smaller and they are considered to be more convenient for all kinds of people, they can be found in many households.

These computers vary in different types. Among these types are the mainframe computers, desktop computers, mini-laptops, internet computers, laptop computers, netbooks, mobile phones, handheld PCs, laptop PCs, handheld tablets, public PCs, multi-media PCs, media PCs, etc. Each of these computers has its own unique feature and functionalities.

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