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What is Coinmarketcap?

by Linda D. Yelverton


What is Coinmarketcap?

Looking at the listing of coins on coinmarketcap.com, it is apparent that the coin industry has gone global. So much so that a coin from an obscure country or state can be found in a foreign mint. The listings also show an increase in offerings from the United States mint and new coins hitting the market.

Coinmarketcap.com is owned by Google, who also owns Blogspot and Indiedb.com. The company is dedicated to giving investors an informed perspective on the industry as well as tracking trends.

Coinmarketcap.com ranks all coins based on their costs and revenue. Users can sort the list based on supply, demand, value, news, and ratings.

A few years ago, new coins were only made available at mints. Then the internet took off, allowing for coins to be sent across state lines. With less traffic at the mints, the price per coin was lower, making the coins more valuable.

Today, there are coin collecting websites where coins can be purchased easily. The websites that offer coins have allowed people to pay less for the same level of quality, and given the ability to purchase more than one type of coin.

Coinmarketcap.com lists each coin individually, giving a clear view of the coin. The site also gives detailed information about the coin including the age, mint, price, and market. If a coin comes into the Mint in error, then the history of error coins will be listed.

Crop errors are also part of the listings and can be easily identified with the terms “Total Mint Errors”Accidents”. Crop errors can also be found on the website if they are unlisted.

Coins from China are one of the more popular coins on the website. Chinese coins were made available through international mints a few years ago, and now they are being sold by the US mint. Chinese coins are worth much more than Chinese coins from other countries.

The website also reports the number of coins in circulation, which has increased significantly since it started, along with additional demand for gold. Coin listings also show the distribution of coin values. The highest and lowest values are noted, and there are graphs of the past and current value of each type of coin.

For collectors, the listings are invaluable, showing the variety of different types. The listings also include the dates of releases, the types of minting and amount of coins made available. This data can help in determining how valuable a coin is.

Coinmarketcap.com also has a blog where developers can post their information about their projects. They also have news, discussions, and an upcoming grading tool.

A couple of facts that are important to consider when using a website like Coinmarketcap.com are that they list numismatic coins, which mean they contain quality and rare coins. These coins are relatively high in value. Lastly, listings do not always reflect the value accurately, so research the coin properly before investing.

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