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Where Does Marketing Fit Into The Art Of Small Business Management?

by Linda D. Yelverton

Marketing is the art of getting the word out about your business and its products and services. You have probably come across the term ‘marketing’ when you were in college and before that when you were a consumer. So, where does marketing fit into the equation?


It is a process whereby a company produces consumer goods and then markets them in a good way. Marketing is the process whereby a company designs their product or service in such a way that consumers will buy it. They use the most effective marketing methods and channels so that they can get consumers to buy the product.

Quality of the product, service or brand is very important. The company should be able to make money out of each customer. If consumers feel that the product or service is of better quality, they are more likely to buy it. A good marketing plan also includes your clients.

Marketing can be done through word of mouth. Consumers talk about the product and company, they are purchasing from. You can use free online tools to help you identify this type of marketing.

Social media is another type of marketing. It can be done through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It involves sharing information, information on the product and information on the company. One thing you have to watch out for is the effectiveness of these marketing tools.

In marketing, advertising is often an expensive tool to use. Advertising costs can include things like print advertisements, radio, television, billboards, outdoor posters, local flyers, video ads, etc.

If you can’t find an effective way to advertise your business, you can still promote it. For example, if you put a print advertisement on your door, you will not have a hard time selling your business or product.

Tmarketing A second marketing tool you can use is a service you can offer to someone, called networking. These networks can be very helpful for a business owner to grow their business because it makes it easier for people to become acquainted with one another.

Networking is an approach of people getting together, meeting and talking to people. It could be by becoming friends, or even better, it could be by becoming a member of a charity group or church, and having your business marketed with this group.

Of course, marketing is just one of the many strategies you can use to market your small business. Advertising, public relations, and good customer service are other aspects of marketing that companies are using. Also, different areas have different styles of marketing.

Marketing strategies can be used by business owners and managers to give a better image to their business. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses, the best way to market your business and how to get the word out.

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