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Why Do Computers Make You So Depressed?

by Linda D. Yelverton

Computers have become so integral in our lives that it is almost impossible to think of life without one. In fact, if you are working on a project, you probably have some sort of computer at work. If you do not own a computer at home or work, you are pretty much stuck working without one.


Computers have also taken over our homes, making them little fun and frivolous places, as they are used almost exclusively for work, games, and watching movies. It has become very common to have lots of fun times at home, with the sole purpose of enjoying our computers.

While computers have indeed played a huge role in our lives, they are by no means a necessary tool that should be used without thinking. All said and done, computers can also be quite damaging to your health.

One important aspect that you should always keep in mind when dealing with computers is that they are not toys. Children can get too absorbed in games and online surfing that they get affected mentally, emotionally, and physically. The effects of playing computer games are also really harmful. An interesting note is that children who are more exposed to computers are more likely to develop anxiety and depression, something that should be addressed immediately.

Some studies indicate that children who play with computers tend to grow up more often than those who do not. Computers can give a negative effect to children who do not have the benefit of human interaction with their parents and other people.

Computers can make you more stressed. Though there are many reasons why we get stressed, they include personal, emotional, and financial problems, one cause that is proven to be extremely dangerous is when we become too reliant on computers.

It is natural to feel anxious and stressed out when you are exposed to a stressful environment such as a business or a class. However, once you get comfortable with using computers, you become even more susceptible to getting stressed and depressed.

Computer-induced stress and depression can be brought about by a number of factors. There are researchers who claim that computer-induced stress is caused by the fact that we put so much of importance on the actions of computers and the work that we do while using them. We tend to relate everything on computers to the amount of time we spent on it.

We believe that because we get very attached to our computers that there is an actual relationship between the time we spend on them and the amount of stress we experience. It is a common knowledge that we spend a lot of time just sitting at the computer. So, it would be safe to say that if we spent more time on the computer than anywhere else, we will become more stressed.

Studies suggest that computers can make us feel more stressed because we tend to look at our computer screen for longer periods of time. Also, the connection between time and the number of seconds spent on a computer screen is incorrect. A computer can do a lot of things without spending any time on it.

Another factor that makes us more stressed is that we notice that the amount of time that we spend on computers has a huge impact on our emotions. For example, the more time you spend on a computer the more stressed you become. This stress can even have an adverse affect on your health.

Computers can be very useful, but they are just like any other tools. There are only some people who are okay with the use of computers because they can be useful in improving work, learning, and enjoyment, but most people do not like the negative impact that computers can have on their lives.

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