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Why You Need A Firewall

by Linda D. Yelverton


Why You Need A Firewall

It is the responsibility of all system administrators to implement firewalls. Although it sounds like a very complicated thing to do, we need a firewall in order to ensure the security of our computer system, and online activities.

Firewalls are designed to make sure that only those people who should be allowed to access your computer, can, and that your online activities can be trusted. This is why so many companies will need to have a firewall in place, for whatever they are working on.

In order to be able to accomplish this, you will need to install a firewall on your own system. If you’re unsure as to what a firewall is or how it works, I suggest you go and do some research first. Not only will you be able to know what you need to do, but also you will get to know the different types of firewalls out there that are available.

The most basic firewall that you can install on your own, is one that will make sure that anyone that you don’t want online has no access at all. Although, not many companies actually use this type of firewall, just in case.

One of the most important reasons as to why you need a firewall is because of hackers. Hackers get into your system through many different ways, and often times, if they gain access to your firewall, they can gain access to anything that they need to. Therefore, having a firewall in place will help to ensure that hackers cannot get into your system.

A good firewall will allow you to get online without having to worry about unauthorized users being able to access your system. On the other hand, not having a firewall installed will leave you open to any type of cyber attacks that might happen. So what are some of the problems that a firewall can cause?

If you ever had any problems with your firewall, you will need to talk to your service provider. Unfortunately, not all providers actually have firewall systems, so when they ask you if you have a firewall, you really don’t know. The next step is to install a firewall and see what happens, and then see what the provider can do to help you.

Some of the benefits of installing a firewall are a reduced chance of a hacker getting into your system, increased security and protection, reduced downtime, improved speed and performance, improved uptime, better customer support, a decrease in errors, and a larger customer base. So lets take a look at the two main types of firewalls and why you need to have one.

The physical firewall is one that is installed in front of your computer. As you will see, if your computer was to be stolen, then this will make sure that no one can get into your system. The physical firewall is designed to block hackers from entering your system, as well as any harmful files.

The virtual firewall is software that can be installed on your computer, which is then set up to block hackers from entering your system. If you notice, a firewall can be made with either a physical or virtual firewall.

Both of these methods are great for preventing potential hackers from gaining access to your system. By having both types of firewalls installed, you are keeping all potential threats out and keeping your system protected from any possible harm.

Most firewall solutions are designed to work on a managed network, which means you have someone else to worry about. Even though most firewalls are free, it is always good to have a professional to install it for you.

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